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After last week’s post about THE SHOES, I got an email from my Mum which really got me thinking. There has been lots of sadness and negativity around lately, lots of bad things happening to good people and in particular some close friends of my Mum’s. A friend had a hip replacement and then a fall and is now confined to her bed, another friend had a bad car accident when she was on her way to my Mum’s house for an afternoon of bridge. She is ok but her car was totalled and she got a helluva fright. We have had some really sad news in our family too and I have been thinking of my Aunt so much over the last two weeks. Thankfully my Granny has been doing really well after her hip replacement but there has still been a lot of stress and worry over her recovery and this week while Mum was having a shocker at home, Dad was away in Cape Town. Its really hard being away from family during times of stress, your instant support network just isn’t there.

Closer to home and here in Sydney I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is just not quite right. I have been struggling with the girls on so many levels, parenting is really hard at the moment, we aren’t having much fun which is completely wrong. This year is our last year of freedom before Amy starts school in January, my aim was to have as much fun as possible before we get sucked into routines and restricted by school holidays. Yesterday a friend described being a stay-at-home-parent as having a full time job with no annual leave and I think thats the key. I want a holiday, not a break from parenting but just a break from the routine. I am desperate for Winter to be over and Spring to be here so we can go camping again! I want to be away from the confines of our little house, having adventures and enjoying ourselves. For some reason everything just feels like hard work at home, even getting out into the garden to play is an effort in dressing warmly and then cleaning up afterwards and all the while the dust piles up and the bathroom needs cleaning. Sigh.

My Mum’s email really got me thinking about how finding the simple pleasures in life is so important in the face of such global negativity. Its easy to feel overwhelmed but its also not right to allow that feeling to creep into the corners of our everyday lives. I am in a great place in my life right now and how can I be feeling anything other than pleasure and joy with regard to my beautiful, healthy, happy girls? My simple but oh so sweet life here in the suburbs with my gorgeous girls, my husband. The ability to pursue my passions through my photography business. A new found sense of purpose discovered through exercise and a level of fitness I never thought I would be able to attain without spending lots of money on a gym membership! Life is good and I need to honour that and so I have committed to rediscovering the pleasure in simple things again. Ron has committed to being home early on Tuesdays and Thursday again and I am heading back to bootcamp! Yeah! I am going to stop letting the little things overwhelm me, like meal planning and keeping the laundry pile under control and instead I am going to plan fun outings and our next camping trip, things to look forward to instead of feeling regretful about not keeping up with the daily grind.

In conclusion to my Mum’s email she said very gently that it would make her very happy if I went back to the shop and bought the beautiful shoes that I had fixated upon last week. In the light of all the bad things that have been happening, a new pair of shoes is a little ray of light. Then yesterday my lovely Mother-in-law slipped me a little envelope and asked me if I thought the shoes would still be available, she has noticed that we have been doing it a bit tough lately and that I never seem to spend any money on myself and she wanted me to buy the pretty shoes!

They may only be a pair of shoes but seeing them tucked into their tissue paper in their shiny box is bringing me so much pleasure. I can’t wait to wear these shoes to our friend’s wedding this weekend and dance with my husband, secure in the knowledge that our life together really is the best possible life we could be living right now. They may only be a pair of shoes but to me they mean more than that, just a small symbol of all that is good in my life right now, and I am grateful!


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