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I just wanted you to know.

There is lots going on and not much happening at the moment. Its a funny time of year and despite my love of colder weather, I am over winter. Its wet, freezing and restricting me from doing all the things I love right now, like running, taking photographs and hanging out with my children and friends. So I feel a little blue. Its ok, it will pass. I can’t even console myself with a spot of recreational shopping because we have absolutely no money whatsoever which doesn’t usually bother me except we are going to a friend’s wedding next weekend and everyone else is talking constantly about their gorgeous new dresses/bags/shoes and I can’t justify buying anything new. It does help that I have lost enough weight to fit back into some of my beautiful old dresses so I won’t be going in a sack but I made the terrible mistake of looking at shoes today. And met this pair:

And now I can’t think of anything else. Sigh. I phoned Ron on the way home and told him all about this pair of shoes, the soft leather, the perfect fit, the cute cutaway, the sensible wedge heel. THE PRICE and the most important thing. That I had resisted. He was proud of me. So now I am full of resolve, to save money, to market my business, to hit the Spring photography season running and to earn some cash so that when another special occasion comes around, I can whip out my wallet and buy these babies.


  • about how sad I am that I am not going to Blogopolis, a fabulous blogging conference happening this weekend in Melbourne.
  • about Stella’s recent language explosion, we still have to translate her for most people but she is adding new words rapidly which is super exciting.
  • about the subtle changes that happen around a house when a Mum comes to stay.
  • about another change that happens when Mum comes to stay which has made the skin on my face as smooth as a baby’s bum!


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