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A legacy

While my Mum was here last week we celebrated Amy’s fifth birthday and carried on a tradition my Mum started when Amy was born. You might remember Amy’s plates from this post a few years ago? Since then Mum has added a gorgeous Christmas bowl to Amy’s collection and now she received her fifth plate, beautifully painted with Amy’s favourite fairy, Tinkerbell.

The details are incredible and Amy recognised the Disney castle straight away!

Tink’s wings are painted with iridescent paint and once again my Mum’s attention to detail is amazing!

And again on the back of the plate my Mum has inscribed her beautiful personal message for Amy, on her fifth birthday.

This year as well as Amy’s plate, she also hand painted these incredible paintings from Beatrix Potter for Stella. This one is for her first birthday and features Mrs Rabbit setting off through the wood with her umbrella and her basket. She is off to the baker to buy a load of brown bread and five current buns.

And for her second birthday here is Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny stealing onions from Mr Macgregors garden!

The details are incredible, I am so grateful to my Mum for these wonderful gifts.

They are treasured and hang above Stella’s bed where she points to them and says “Gogga!” xxx

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