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Amy’s 5th birthday party, again…

On Sunday we celebrated Amy’s 5th birthday, again, this time with four of her friends from preschool. This is the first time Amy has had her own, special party and I had such fun planning it and putting it all together!

It was lovely sharing the burden of organising the party with my Mum. We stuffed party bags and baked cupcakes and made fairy bread together.

Ron was in charge of the party games and he did a rousing round or two of musical statues and pin the horn on the unicorn!

I made the bunting myself in the weeks leading up to our birthday parties, it was so simple and I loved the end result. In fact I don’t want to take it down from the deck, it just looks so festive hanging there!

The girls decorated wooden wands with glitter and stickers and then ran around the garden like crazed princesses, putting spells on everything!

Instead of a cake this time, I made PINK cupcakes in gorgeous little cupcake papers and the girls decorated them with chocolate icing and strawberries and m&m’s before licking all the toppings off and racing downstairs to open Amy’s presents!

It was a wonderful party, very easy and manageable and I especially enjoyed sitting with two of the mums, drinking champagne and chatting with my Mum! Amy had an absolute blast and felt very loved. And now no more parties please!

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