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Five years ago.

This time five years ago I was still in labour. I had been in labour for two long days already, induced on the Tuesday night and still waiting on Thursday for our first baby to be born.

I was tired and a bit scared and not quite sure what was going to happen next. Not much has changed in the interim five years! Still tired, still a bit scared about what is going to happen next!

And then she was here. Amy Grace, much loved, full of personality, a mix of bravery and attitude with vulnerability and uncertainty. A gentle girl with many friends who is empathetic and the best big sister I could ever have imagined. She makes me proud and honest and full of hope and optimism. She makes me love her father more and more each year, she fills me with fear for what the future holds for my sweet girl.

Five is a milestone number, the last year before school, a year of sweet innocence. A little girl who still loves to cuddle and cries when she is sad, who’s small hand fits neatly in mine.

What next? I don’t know. But for now I am holding my precious girl close to me for the rest of the year, treasuring our time together. My big five year old. My little baby.

Happy birthday for tomorrow my gorgeous girl, you are so loved, we hope you enjoy every moment of your special birthday! xxx

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