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Birthday brunch – a recap

On Sunday Amy and I celebrated our birthdays with some of our favourite people. Instead of our annual birthday BBQ we decided to shake it up and have brunch, croissants, bacon & eggs on the bbq, fizzy wine and fresh O.J. Perfect!

Amy’s suprise guest was a clown called Pajamas who kept her audience enthralled while the parents could relax and have a drink.

There were lots of smiles…..

Stella was absolutely amazed and didn’t move for the whole time!

The weather was perfect, the sun hot on our backs. It was lovely to celebrate with so many friends and perfect having my Mum there, such a treat.

The week before I had asked Amy for her final request for her cake. It had gone backwards and forwards between a strawberry shortcake cake with real strawberries and any number of other designs but finally she settled on “a pink cake with purple icing”. I was happy to indulge her whims and got to practice my fondant icing skills, still not perfect but getting better every year!

Every minute of baking, icing, washing-up was made worth it by the smile on her face when we brought the cake out!

Pink cake! By now our friends know that if they are worried about their children eating any colouring or additives, not to bring them to any of our birthday parties!

I thought the grown-ups might appreciate a cake with a bit more maturity so I made a dark chocolate 4 layer cake iced with peanut butter cream cheese icing and with a dark chocolate and peanut ganache glaze on top. Ridiculously good!

It was a wonderful day, just the right amount of food and drink, lots of very happy children and I got to spend time with everyone without feeling rushed and hectic. A perfect birthday celebration!

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