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While we wait…

Our house is buzzing with anticipation, my Mum arrives tomorrow for a two week visit and we are all completely over excited! In lieu of a meaningful blog post I am going to show you my iphone photographs from the last week or so, its a good snapshot of our lives and I must confess to being a little addicted to the Instagram app which allows me to peek into other people’s lives!

The girls and I were so excited to see our rainbow lorikeets back for a feed, they used to be daily visitors but its been ages! Later that evening this guy decided to stop in for a feed too, it must have been the day for native bird visits!

This photo makes me laugh everytime I see it! We are into our third series of Australian Masterchef and its just such a fantastic show, Ron and I record every episode and watch it together. The reason I love this photo, poor little George needed an extra cushion to sit on because he is so tiny, especially next to the lucious Nigella!

We had over a week of heavy rain which meant wellington boots became standard foot attire. Stella and I enjoyed splashing in puddles together.

I still managed to run in the rain which was quite an achievment, unfortunately I am nursing an injury so I didn’t run on Friday, the first run I have skipped since I stopped bootcamp over 6 weeks ago. I am resting up and will attempt a slow run tomorrow, fingers crossed.

A rare moment of quiet as the girls play together. Stella was bringing Amy books and she was ‘reading’ them to her.

We have all been waiting for a new playground to open up in a big park near the Olympic Park, finally it was open and the weather cleared enough for a few of us to meet up. The children went mad, climbing, sliding, running around while the Mums tried to keep one eye on their little ones and still have a catch up. We decided this might be a good park for the Dads to bring the children too! Shortly after I snapped this photo I had to climb that steep climbing wall to help fearless Stella get up to the top!

Both girls have been sick off and on over the last few weeks. Its an unfortunate winter side effect. Last saturday Amy’s temperature soared so she was forced to stay home with me on the couch with a big bowl of ice-cream watching Beauty and the Beast while Ron took Stella to rugby with him. First, a cuddle for a sick sister.

Family dinner. I continue to struggle with meal times. Its not that my children are difficult or even that picky, its just an endless battle to find meals that are quick to prepare, nutricious but delicious and that appeal to everyone’s tastes. This dinner was homemade meat pies using leftover bolognaise sauce served with mashed potatoes and peas. Always a winner.

This is Amy’s get well card for my Granny who fell and broke her hip last weekend in South Africa. Granny is 87 so this kind of injury can be really devastating. Luckily Granny is doing really well, she had a hip replacement the day after her fall and was out of hospital within four days. She is now recovering in the frail care centre at the village where she lives and Dad has been down there for the week helping to make arrangements for her to have nursing care at home. She is walking for short intervals and doing remarkably well for someone of her age! Get well soon Granny Grace!

This is not the real Mrs White!

I let the girls roam around the car for two minutes while I finished a conversation with a friend after dance class last week and even in that short time Stella managed to mangle my tube of lip salve. She is an absolute pest when it comes to anything in a tube, lipstick, gloss, salve… watch out, she will destroy it! Can you see her little fingers in it in the photo?

On Friday I dropped the girls with Ron’s dad and went into the city for a morning at a photography expo. It was amazing to spend some time as an adult in a professional capacity and its always a pleasure heading into the city. I love the Sydney skyline and this particular view was one I hadn’t seen before.

Pancake stack as made by Ron for breakfast on Saturday when I came home from bootcamp. I nearly undid all my hard work but they were so delicious I couldn’t resist!

Everything is in place for Mum’s visit, the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, the playroom has been turned back into a spare room and the anticipation is high! I cannot wait! Mum arrives tomorrow, its my birthday on Wednesday, lots to look forward to!

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