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This is me.

This week a blogger I like and respect wrote a very interesting blog post which made me do a lot of deep thinking. For a while, since the blogging conference I attended in March, I have been feeling confused about why I blog. I have been wrapped up in what other bloggers think, feeling sad that I seem to constantly comment on other bloggers blogs and no one seems to come back to me. Frustrated that everyone seems to be reviewing the same washing powder and getting invited to the same functions but none of the invitations are coming my way.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I could go about things differently or change things and then suddenly, it all became clear. Nothing needs to change, except my attitude. I have been blogging for nearly 5 years and have no need of followers or links or comments. I began this blog for myself, my family, my friends. If someone stumbles on my blog then I hope they like it but I sure as hell am not going to beat myself up any more if they don’t stick around or leave me a gushing comment or link to my blog. I have been all muddled up because of what other people are doing and saying on the internet and its clouded my judgement. I don’t want to do sponsored giveaways or competitions. I can barely find the time to update my blog let alone manage random number generators and postage details!

I didn’t start blogging to make friends, or collect followers. I started blogging before Facebook made it so easy to share your life with friends and family. I don’t have a facebook page for my blog, in fact most of my “friends” on facebook don’t know I have a blog and I prefer to keep it that way. I blog about my life which is personal but I don’t mind sharing what I blog about, I am comfortable with my level of disclosure and I don’t feel the need to defend my decision to blog about my children to anyone. Thanks to my blog I have met some incredible people, a few of which I feel privileged enough to call friends now.

So, where to now? Well, I am working on a little Terms & Conditions for my blog to help people understand what I am about. I am a non-blogger blogger. If that makes any sense. Its unlikely I will be accepting any products to review from PR companies and I won’t be soliciting for invitations to any events, you won’t find any washing powder reviews on this blog! I won’t be putting any ads in my sidebar and I am under no illusions that this blog is going to earn me an income going forward. No one owes me anything on the internet! I will continue to comment on my favourite blogs but if they don’t come back and comment on mine, their loss, not mine. I will continue to develop relationships with those bloggers that I like and respect and will spend more time focusing on my own writing style and trying to post more regularily. I am excluding myself from the popularity contests that seem to have overtaken the internet recently and I can finally stop feeling bad for not wanting to take part in any of the many link-ups that are all over the place!

This is me, this is my life, this is five years of incredible change and growth and babies and houses and married life and following my passions. What you see here on this blog is what makes me, me. Its my personality, its my place to share and no one else is going to dictate the terms to which I do it!

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