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The Super Whites
My colourful muse

Amy’s best friend from preschool had her 5th birthday party this weekend. Luckily the rain held off for a few hours so they could enjoy the clown themed party.

Amy was first in line for the face painting and does it suprise you she chose to be a princess? No, didn’t suprise me.

She was very pleased with her princess look which went perfectly with her rather colourful outfit, all chosen by herself of course. She especially loved the painted lips but they actually made me feel a bit nervous. She has a beautiful mouth and it didn’t look quite right with lipstick on.

It was a great party, lots of happy children, balloon swords, party games, fairy bread. Amy was in heaven with all her bestest preschool friends.

Amy is slowly coming back to being my muse again. She doesn’t run away when I get out the camera and she has perfected the look where she smiles without pulling silly faces.

Most of the time!

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