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What a week.

I don’t know who’s life I was living last week, but it sure wasn’t mine! It started with canapes and champagne 43 floors above the Sydney skyline, proceeded through a long, leisurely lunch with a friend and NO CHILDREN in a smart restaurant and then ended up in skinny jeans and knee high boots dancing like I was 17 at a Kylie Minogue concert!

A recap through photographs…

A misty early morning run. I continue to be absolutely amazed that I can get up at 6.15am and walk out my door, stretch and then run constantly for 40 minutes. I have a whole post coming up about this change in me. For now, some photos of what I see when I run in the early morning.


A new running route.

Walking Amy to preschool with Stella and Ethan in the double stroller. The hills near about killed me!

This incubator of eggs arrived at preschool last week to much excitement!

When Stella and I went back in the afternoon to pick Amy up, four little chicks were in the box next to the incubator! The children have been so excited and involved, this is another one of the many reasons I love our preschool so much!

Stella spotted this rainbow while I was getting her out of the car to fetch Amy from preschool.

My incredible week gets even better when I met a friend for lunch at a fancy restaurant. Two hours spent leisurely over delicious food, lovely wine and great conversation. Such a treat.

The incredible ending of Kylie’s Aphrodite concert. Yes, those are sprays of real water going off down the walkway of the stage. Yes, those are real people spinning around a fountain upon which Kylie is perched singing! Amazing!

This is Amy before her best friend’s clown birthday party yesterday.

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