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Penthouse party.

At about 9.30 on Friday evening Ron mentioned that the rugby club president was having a party on Sunday afternoon. Apparently his apartment had a view of the Rocks and the Opera house where an amazing lightshow is currently on display. It was late, I was tired and in bed watching Notting Hill and didn’t really pay much attention to what he said. (Nothing new there then!)

Saturday we end up going to the rugby for a few hours in the late afternoon, we had been cooped up inside all day cleaning and the girls needed a run around. Ron mentions the drinks party again in passing, saying he has asked his parents if they can have the girls for a few hours so we can go. Again I don’t really pay much attention, its late, the girls need to go to bed and I am going out for a few drinks with the playgroup Mums.

Sunday afternoon I am round at a friend’s house for a jewelry party enjoying a few glasses of champagne. Ron comes to pick me up and we drive into the city. I am relaxed, happy, content. I read the instructions. The skyhouse? 43rd floor? Ask the concierge to buzz you up? What kind of an apartment is this?

Its THIS kind of penthouse apartment…..

The kind that has unobstructed views across the Sydney skyline……

From the Anzac bridge, to the Harbour Bridge, to the Opera house, all looking miniature from so high up.

Teeny, tiny cars way below.

The lightshow began as a waiter dressed all in black handed round platters of morroccan lamb pies, duck samosas and chicken and herb rice rolls. I drank another few glasses of champagne and forced myself to stand as close to the edge of the sheer glass drop as I could.

At one point we were taken on a guided tour of the penthouse, all three floors of it! The views are breathtaking, first floor is a media room, hallway with grand piano and staircase and a lounge, dining, kitchen. And those views.

Second floor has the master suite with a spa bath bigger than our whole bathroom. Upstairs is the deck, jacuzzi pool and wrap around views. Seriously. Incredible. And then we had to leave to pick up the girls, drive home to the suburbs and turn on our electric blankets. Maybe it was just a dream. (I can’t believe I didn’t take my camera, but really, Ron just didn’t tell me what to expect! I got to enjoy the experience instead.)


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