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Ongoing price comparisons

So last week I did another shop at the new supermarket and I have some more price comparisons.

Old                       New                 Diff

Dishwasher Powder 1kg             $6.76                    $3.99               $2.77

Rinse Aid                                       $1.67                    $1.49                $0.18

Rice 2kg                                         $4.93                   $2.99                $1.94

Arborio Rice 1kg                          $4.45                    $3.79                $0.66

Nappies                            32pk   $19.33       44pk   $13.99              $5.34

TOTAL:               $10.89

That is huge savings on things that we use everyday, or in the case of the nappies, we use a disposable every night. The best thing is that so far I like all the products I have used. The dishwasher powder is sharply lemon scented and my glasses are coming out shining and sparkly! The rice cooked perfectly in my rice cooker and came out fluffy and soft. Last week I also bought a piece of rolled lamb shoulder without the bone for $12 and did it in the slow cooker today and it was absolutely delicious, melty soft and tasty!

Nappy sacks 200                  $6.34                                       $4.90

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