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The Super Whites
Quick photographic catch up

From oldest to newest:

Homemade puppet show box, lasted as a puppet show for about 20 minutes before both girls climbed in and played houses for hours!

Finally stuck up our family gallery in the playroom. Now we can talk about family far away to keep them familiar to both girls. Amy recognises everyone in the photos but Stella needs to do a bit of homework!

This is Stella, covered in stickers after she was a pretend patient for the final year medical student exams at the local children’s hospital. I got involved through a friend from playgroup and two weeks ago Stella and I went for an hour, 4 students, 15 minutes each in an examining room with an examiner. Stella was checked for gastro-intestinal complications and by the 4th student she was lying back on the table and lifting her shirt without even being asked!

My sushi roll lunch one day while Ron was still sick I snuck out to do the grocery shop on my own, utter luxury!

Sweet Stella at rugby with her snake lolly.

Ladies day at the rugby, cheeses, sparkling wine with guava nectar, crust pizzas. Ron looked after the girls while I sat and chatted with my friends for a few hours!

A lovely afternoon spent with new friends who have a park just over the back of their garden.

The same new friend is a photographer and he gave me this to have a play with. Good fun but I could hardly lift it off the ground let alone run up and down the sidelines like he does at games!

Amy dressed up at playgroup!

Lamb shanks with creamy mash and brocoli. Delicious.

Stella raided Amy’s jewelry box while she was at preschool.

Stella and I mucking around waiting for preschool pick up.

Movie night! A big bowl of popcorn with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

And two minutes after the last photo was taken. Nice work Stella!

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