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Ron was still feeling rough on Monday morning when he woke up, 4th day of the virus. He went straight back to bed and I made a Dr’s app for the earliest time available, Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning comes around, mad rush to get us all out of the house before 8.15am to get Ron to the Dr and Amy to preschool when lo and behold, something strange happens while I am doing Amy’s hair.

OHMYGOD is that what I think it is? Yes, it is. We have headlice. I die a slow, embarrassed death and call preschool. She is excluded until she has a head treatment but can come back straight after. We get Ron to the Dr and then we go to the chemist warehouse to pick up supplies. The big guns, medicated lice treatments, fine-toothed combs, extra strength pain killers for Ron’s throat ulcer. A bottle of gin for my sorrows. Joking.

At home we start the long laborious process of working the hair treatment through Amy’s hair before a traumatic shower to wash it off half an hour later and then we sit for an hour combing through thick conditioner. I cannot believe that I am combing out BUGS from my daughter’s beautiful hair. Even worse, I can’t believe that I have to do this to Stella. How on earth will I get her to sit still for two hours? The answer. Bribery. Lots of it.

Its a long day. A day I usually have a few hours to myself goes by with moody children, ill husbands and LOTS of washing, of clothes and of hair. And I am itching. Lice free but itchy, totally psychosomatic. *scratch, scratch* I really thought we would only have to deal with this when Amy started school, thank god for her beautiful, straight, fine hair.

The End. (or not, the irony in getting out the woolly winter hats THE DAY BEFORE I discover they have headlice.) *scratch, scratch*

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