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Recipe time – bran and poppy seed blinis

A few people have asked me for the recipe for the blinis that I made for our Royal Wedding High Tea. This is a recipe given to me by my Mum which was given to her by a close friend of hers, Maralyn. Thanks Maralyn!

Bran and Poppy Seed Blinis.

1/2 cup of self-raising flour

1/2 cup of digestive bran

2 tablespoons caster sugar

1/4 cup of poppy seeds

1 egg

3/4 of a cup of milk

1 tablespoon melted butter


Mix all the dry ingredients together. Beat milk, egg and melted butter together until combined. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Heat a little butter in a frying pan and drop in tablespoons of the batter. Fry until golden brown on each side, set aside until room temperature.

Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche or cream cheese and a curl of smoked salmon with a spring of dill or a few chopped chives. Squeeze over some fresh lemon wedges and a grind of black pepper just before eating.

Warning: Stella and Amy ate four each of the small plain blinis. Stella’s took about 3 hours to go right through her, Amy’s just over 12 hours. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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