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Catching up with technology

For years now I have been longing for an iphone, longing, with a physical intensity. Everyone else seemed to have one, everywhere I looked were people playing angry birds and taking photographs of their feet with the hipstamatic app. Sigh. I felt sorry for myself and carried on dreaming of the day my contract was finally up.

That day was Friday and Ron signed on the dotted line and I am now the proud owner of a 16gb iphone 4. MINE, all MINE. Except when Amy takes it and plays angry birds. Or Ron wants it to photograph his feet with the instagram app!

I am really looking forward to capturing photographs and video of our day-to-day lives with my iphone. The biggest problem I find with having such an amazing digital SLR is that I tend not to carry it around in my handbag like I used to and so I am missing lots of photos of the girls just going about their daily business. A blog reader who is a new friend over in the US has asked for more posts about what life is like for us here in the suburbs of Sydney, hope you enjoy them Joani!

(photos are from today when we went round to Ron’s parents for a Mother’s Day lunch and a play in the garden.)

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