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Take a breath.

A few weeks ago I had a morning to myself for a photoshoot with a new baby and her proud parents at their house in the inner city suburbs. Amy was at preschool, Stella was with my friend Julie as part of our shared childcare arrangement and I was on my own. I gave myself plenty of time to drive into the city from out west but the traffic was minimal because it was school holidays and just a few days before Easter. I stopped at a coffee drive through for a large flat white, just another miraculous thing about living in Sydney, even the drive through coffee vans parked in the car park of the car wash place have excellent coffee. Seriously, I don’t think I have had a bad coffee in the four years I have been living here and I drink a lot of coffee! I was listening to some fascinating talk radio and sipping my coffee, driving a route I know well, my car full of bean bag and fake fur and step ladders and expensive cameras. Bliss.

The photoshoot was wonderful, a combination of a beautiful home with stunning natural light, a sweet natured and sleepy baby and two parents who were welcoming and friendly and happy to be arranged artfully on a bed! I left with a sense of accomplishment and a spare 45 minutes or so and as I drove around the corner I saw the most inviting little corner coffee shop, sun shining down on tables outside, welcoming. Inside a mother and son combination took my order for a toasted hot cross bun and another flat white and I sat in the shade with a paper and enjoyed a moment of pure peace and joy.

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