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A wedding and a weekend in bed.

Its rained a lot since we got back from camping. Washing has piled up, the girls have been at each other’s throats. Ron and I have felt tired and worn out. I was looking forward to high tea at a friend’s house on Friday afternoon to celebrate the royal wedding even though I hadn’t been able to watch any of the footage leading up to it. A combination of feeling desperately homesick for London and all my friends who still live there, and just being annoyed with the relentless gossip rag type coverage. Who cares if some random woman working in a flowershop in greater London might know someone who can swear that Kate is going to have the English tea rose in her bouquet as a tribute to Diana.

Anyway, Thursday night I went to bootcamp and had a massive workout. Friday morning I was up early and out to swimming lessons, then a coffee with a friend before coming home to make poppyseed blinis to take to high tea that afternoon.

In the car on the way I noticed that my throat felt a bit funny right at the back, I didn’t think much of it and had a lovely time at my friend Anne’s. We ate crustless cucumber sandwiches and egg sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes and scones with jam and cream. We toasted the happy couple with champagne and Amy wore my fascinator.

By the time bathtime and bedtime came round I was feeling really ill. I told Ron I thought I was getting sick and he sent me to bed which is one of the many reasons I love my husband. Ron and Amy tricked Stella into falling asleep so that Amy could come and curl up in bed with me and watch the princess get married. (In Amy’s words).

I was starting to feel shivery and achey but really enjoyed watching the wedding despite my cynicism. Amy fell asleep in the middle of the sermon so missed the happy couple walking back down the aisle and into their fairy tale carriage. I was asleep soon after and missed the famous double kiss.

I had a horrible nights sleep and when I woke on Saturday morning I knew I needed to see my Dr. I don’t get sick very often but when I do its nasty. At this stage I was hot/cold, desperately achey, full of intense headpain and my throat was agony. My Dr said it was most likely a case of the flu but possibly tonsillitis and prescribed me a five day course of antibiotics. I spent the rest of the weekend in bed. Thank god for Ron, he bought me my pills, refilled my water and let me be for hours as I lay in bed sweating/shivering, moaning and sleeping. Its Tuesday afternoon and I am finally feeling a little better, I could get up and have a shower today and I have eaten a bowl of soup and done some tidying up around the house. I am going to be taking it very easy this week.

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