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When it rains, it pours.

Its Tuesday night and our Easter long weekend is over. Back to work and preschool tomorrow for Ron and Amy, back to loads of washing and episodes of Dora for me and Stella! So, it was a great weekend despite the way it ended! Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook will know that we made a rapid exit from the campsite early yesterday morning after Ron and I spent a largely sleepless night trying to staunch leaks in our tent roof whilst torrential rain fell outside!

The weekend began with beautiful weather and we were packed up and on our way after Amy’s easter hat parade. I didn’t manage to take any photographs of that because Ron was caught in traffic getting back from his parents after dropping the trailer so I had to run down the road and couldn’t carry my camera. She looked very sweet walking down their Easter cat walk and Stella had fun joining in the easter egg hunt afterwards.

Packing up was much harder work than setting up at the campsite. We had an awesome group of sites, four of them, two up against the back wall nearest the bathroom blocks. Ron’s parents are experts camping at this particular site in the popular Northern beaches suburb of Narrabeen, they have been camping there with their friends for a few years now. By early evening we were all set up, the communal area organised with gazebos, tarpaulins and washing up tables. Our tent was awesome with our new shelving unit for pantry items and it really was very quick getting everything into its place. I think my extensive lists definitely help!

Friday was another beautiful day and we started it early with Stella opening presents on her 2nd birthday. I know its a cliche but I can’t believe our little baby is already two. She is still my sweet, cuddly baby who is making a habit out of waking up in the early hours of the morning and calling out for me before coming into bed with us for a cuddle and a sleep. She is much adored, our little Lala and she had a special birthday with lots of presents and a cake decorated by Amy and her friend Hannah.

Despite what people think I actually do love camping and it was fun making meals, cooking on Ron’s gorgeous camping bbq and sitting down around the communal table with a cold glass of wine at the end of a day spent floating around in the lagoon, going for bike rides and even a run for me!

The rain started on Saturday morning just before we woke up. It was heavy but seemed to be moving over and when we checked the radar it looked like there were going to be a few scattered showers. We went round to friends for lunch and then Ron and the boys went to watch some local rugby. I took the girls for a milkshake on the way home and by the time we had all got back to the campsite the skies were clear again and the rain held off long enough for a visit by the Easter bunny! Amy was very excited to give him her letter thanking him for coming to visit her at the campsite and wishing him a safe trip around the world!

Sunday was another gorgeous day, clear skies and hot sun, we had a lazy morning at the campsite and then took a drive up to Palm Beach for a swim and a nap for Stella in the car. The early mornings are taking a toll on the girls but I was feeling rather well rested considering I was in bed by 9.30 most nights! I can’t say it was comfortable sharing a double air mattress with Ron and Stella but it was lovely waking up with her sweet head tucked into my shoulder each morning even if it was at 5am!

The sky was cloudy on Sunday night but I was suprised to be woken by torrential rain at about 1am. It was incredible, such a huge volume of water was coming down while the wind was blowing hard enough to make me worry about our tent! I did go back to sleep but was woken about half an hour later by water dripping! Crisis. What had happened was that because of where our tent was positioned, people were walking past the back of it as a short cut to the loos. In the dark this meant that both guy ropes had been knocked off and the top of the tent on the side rooms was sitting on the fly. Combine this with the volume of water that was coming down and unfortunately the tent started to leak. We sprang into action and packed anything and everything we could into the car whilst being whipped with horizontal rain, both of us absolutely drenched. The front section of the tent was next to go, its basically a structure made from fly material with a covering over it, not designed to withstand rain like that and in a bit of a design flaw we had erected our gazebo over this so that it was touching it. Fine when its clear, not so fine when its wet, water was pouring in here. Finally we get back into our sleeping bags, towels on our feet and try to go back to sleep. No such luck, we can hear drips now on the girls side and sure enough, the same problem happening there except in this case instead of just being on one side, the water is actually running down the seam in the middle of the tent and dripping onto Amy.

Both girls have slept through the noise of the rain and the thrashing sound of tent material being whipped around in the wind. They haven’t woken when we were hastily packing clothes into bags and picking up barbies. Amy continued to sleep when we moved her and her stretcher bed into the middle section of the tent with our air mattress in a final attempt to escape the leaks. At this point we had to move Stella anyway because there wasn’t room for her cot and she was stirring so for the next few hours we took shelter in a warm, comfy mass on our air mattress in the middle of the tent while the rain continued outside and the drips continued inside!

Ron’s alarm went off at 5am for the Anzac Day Dawn service. Sadly it wasn’t going to work out for Ron to go into the city and march in the parade with his mate in the navy. There was no way we could stay in the campsite with the rain still pouring down so when Ron got back we chucked everything else we could squeeze into the car including the girls and we made a run for it! I was wearing my pjs, soaking wet, a jumper and no bra, both girls in their pjs and Ron dripping water from drenched jeans! We were all in good spirits though, it was an adventure and quite fun especially because I knew there was a hot bath and a heater at the end of the 40 minute drive home! A quick stop at a maccas for a drive through coffee and we were home.

All-in-all it was a lovely weekend, great fun to camp with our girls and build more memories doing something we love as a family. I like that we are creating new traditions for our little family unit and making it up as we go along with including those things from our childhoods that are special to us.

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