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Our garden – Before & After

This month is the fourth anniversary of when we first found our home and made one of the biggest decisions of our lives - to purchase it. When we looked around the house a second time we noticed what a jungle the garden was and Ron was already rubbing his hands with glee, looking forward to getting stuck in. I thought it was time to take a look at some of the changes in the garden and how much it has grown in four years!

When we first moved in you could see straight into next door’s garden over the rickety fence. Within a year the shrubs had grown up enough to shield most of the backyard but we could still see through one bit that had no planting. We lamented a tree trunk that had been chopped down right in the middle which if it was still growing, would have been the perfect green screen.

Then I had a brainwave we replanted the dead stick tht had been hiding down the side of the garage. Ron put some lattice screens up onto the fence and I trained my beloved wisteria up and over and then suddenly our deck was entirely private again!

I can hardly remember what the old deck was like now. We ripped it out at the end of 2008 and haven’t looked back once. I am not sure what summer 2011 will bring for the garden at the White house, maybe this year I will finally find the energy and momentum to tend to a veg patch and we can grow some produce.

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