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My grown up girls.

Over the weekend Ron and I decided that it was haircut time again. Amy’s hair is very much like mine, its quite fine hair but she has a lot of it so its very thick and as a result, the longer it gets, the longer it takes to wash and dry. Daylight savings ending means Summer is officially over and so we are back to weekly hairwashes on a Friday after swimming lessons and the quicker we can get over and done with, the better!

Amy loved her haircut and was such a grown up girl, sitting patiently, listening to everything her hairdresser said and smiling at me shyly in the mirror. The hairdresser was very sweet and very young and asked me if I was a photographer because her Mum was and she totally knows how it feels to have your every move photographed by your Mum!

Stella’s hair is another story altogether. Ron and I have been clinging to her baby curls and neither of us wanted to cut her hair because we knew what would happen. Amy had the same baby curls, a lot less of them but still had those little trendrils and then after her first haircut, that was it. No more curls. So with Stella we have been reluctant to make that change. Those sweet curls!

But it was definitely time. Like Amy and me, Stella has lots of fine hair which tangled easily when it was unwashed and curly. Her fringe was permanently falling into her eyes and although there were mornings where she would let me sit and braid her hair, there were many more where she would shriek and run away and there are just not enough hours in the day to deal with that right now!

The other thing that helped us make our decision was that Stella loves the water and often has a shower with Daddy in the morning and then a bath at night and she is completely unable to keep her hair dry. She always gets out of the bath with dripping wet hair and then the fighting to get it towelled dry, combed and blowdried. It was aging me prematurely so her baby curls had to get the chop.

I did shed a tear or two when I saw those bouncey curls fall to the floor. The sweet hairdresser was very discrete and she collected a little envelope full for me to take home and sniff over! The end result is just so adorable that I can’t be too sad. Stella is only a few weeks of her second birthday and now she has a cute and adorable haircut fitting for the little girl she is growing into!

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