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The Super Whites
A glimpse.

A quick glimpse into our lives over the past few weeks via my favourite medium of photography.

Stella being cheeky, under the table. The dummy isn’t seen much during the day anymore. We are trying to limit it to her cot and occasionally the car. So far so good. She is still cheeky though.

The girls sitting outside, reading together. Amy and Stella play together for long periods of time at the moment. Usually they are playing a game that Amy has devised and Stella does what she is told. I can’t see this wonderful play lasting much longer once Stella learns to talk and can tell Amy what she actually thinks about the games!

Stella helping Amy to play a  game on MY laptop. This was Ron’s bright idea last weekend when he ran out of other ideas to entertain two small people. Now I have Amy in my ear every five minutes wanting to play another game of something or other. I am not sure what is more irritating, the constant asking, or the fact that she can navigate around various websites and use the touchpad with ease!

This was my way of killing time on a wet Sunday afternoon. Stella loves baths and can tolerate them a lot warmer than Amy can and so is a pleasant lazy afternoon bathing companion. I can’t believe I am posting this on the internet. And people worry about embarrassing our children?

I can’t remember if I have posted a photograph of our new playroom? We had some guests come down from Brisbane to stay for the night so we had the opportunity to put it into use as a guest room again. I enjoyed the fact that I was forced to clean it up, its usually pretty messy but mostly organised.

The futon is usually folded up against the window wall and the dollshouse (in pic above bottom right) is up against the wall where the bed is now. Its so brilliant having a room that the girls can use, where all their toys are and a space they can call their own. Right now the futon is still out and of course its full of laundry that needs to be folded, one of the reasons I don’t miss the spare room bed!

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