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A great big internet hug.

I need to direct your attention over here to Trish’s blog, My Little Dummer Boys. She has done a wonderful job of articulating what a lot of us are feeling right now. A dear friend on the internet and now in real life is having a tough old time of it at the moment. Tiff is Mum to gorgeous Ivy who is currently in hospital having surgery to remove an infected port. The bad news yesterday was the tempory PICC line that was to replace this infected port giving Ivy’s body a chance to recover from infection, was placed in a very unstable position in her armpit. What this  means for the family is more time apart, more uncertainty and more sadness all round.

Earlier in the week Trish spoke to me about asking around a few of Tiff’s friends to see if anyone wanted to help out with some money for meals and groceries this week while Ivy was in hospital. Trish set up a donation widget which I stuck up on my much neglected Food Blog so we could gather up some internet love and suprise Tiff yesterday. As Trish writes so eloquently on her blog, “Tiff was reluctant to make it public after we told her about the surprise donations. Sarah & I felt a few other people we didn’t think or know to ask – might like donate too.”

If you have already contributed, thank you so much, if you would still like to, please go here.

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