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Meal Plan Monday – on a thursday

I have the best of intentions at the beginning of the week but the reality is that I have more time for myself and planning and organising, at the end of the week. So Meal Plan Monday is now brought to you after my grocery shop, on a Thursday!

This week’s meals have been:

Monday – I had nothing in the fridge except half a sashimi grade salmon fillet and no money but in a moment of brilliance I defrosted some cheese sauce that I always have on standby in the freezer, boiled up some frozen peas, lightly fried the salmon in olive oil and made a big pot of pasta. Voila, a delicious, creamy, cheesey pasta with chunks of salmon and bursts of green pea. Stella scoffed two bowls, Amy had a taste and then ate the pasta with sauce and peas that I had reserved and even Ron enjoyed it although he is not a big fan of creamy sauces.

Tuesday – my first night back at bootcamp and Ron and the girls had beef ravioli with tomato and veg sauce and garlic bread. I had a bowl of yogurt and frozen raspberries when I came back, broken after bootcamp.

Wednesday – I had a chiro appointment (Mum my back is perfect, my abs are still fairly flabby and weak so every now and then I need a tune up!) so the girls had cheese quesadillas with steamed carrots and Ron made himself oven fish and chips later while I went out for a drink with my playgroup!

Thursday – tonight I am at bootcamp again which means leaving home at 5.45pm so the girls will make fried rice with Ron, I have just cooked a big batch of jasmine rice in the rice cooker to cool for later.

Friday – tomorrow night we are having roast chicken, I hope the weather stays cool and rainy because the chicken was reduced at the shops and I really fancy a roast with parsnips, roasties and green beans and lots of my homemade gravy that I learned how to make from my Mum. Delicious.

Monday – most likely my Mum’s recipe for chicken thighs marinaded with prunes, capers and  olives served on rice, one of our absolute favourites and now even the girls will eat it although as you could guess Amy won’t touch the olives, capers or prunes.

Today at the shops I deviated from my normal meal plan method and bought chicken thighs, a roasting chicken and some lamb loin chops that were on special. I don’t usually buy anything on special unless I have it on my list as part of my weekly meal plan but going back to Bootcamp means I have to plan ahead for Tuesday. I am planning to do lamb in the slow cooker on Monday.

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