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Taking the next step

With all the excitement and build-up to the #AusBlogCon2011, I neglected to update the blog about Stella’s hearing test on Friday. It comes as no suprise that she passed with flying colours. Her hearing system is working perfectly, her middle ear is fully functional and there is absolutely no cause for concern with the amount she should be able to hear. Amy came along and sat quietly in the corner of the sound proofed room as the very kind lady distracted Stella on my lap with stacking toys while her assistant hid behind a black curtain in the window/room next door and made the noises. Stella figured out the system very quickly, she would be playing quietly, looking down at the table and the faintest clicking noise would come out of the speaker on her left, if she kept her head down, no reward, if she turned to the noise, then flashing lights and a dancing puppet would commend her for paying attention and hearing.

Back home that afternoon I phoned the speech pathologist whom a friend has recommended. We discussed Stella and she suggested we come in for a brief assessment this week to see if Stella would benefit from some speech therapy or if she is doing fine on her own, developing at her own pace, in her own time. So this afternoon I will be taking Stella in for a half hour assessment and will report back.

I am so grateful for all the comments and emails on my recent post about talking. Looking back at that post now I can see that despite protests otherwise, I was worried about whether Stella could hear or not and now that I know she can, well part of me thinks I am being a little, um, how do I put it? A little “paranoid parent” maybe? Stella will be two in one month. She has a handful of words including Mama, Dada, down, no and num-num and she can communicate her needs clearly without using any other words. I am sure now that she will have a language explosion, just like so many people have suggested, but until we had ruled out any obvious issues, I was still a little bit worried considering just how different our experiences had been with Amy’s speech development. In this situation I don’t think it can hurt to get some advice from a professional. Hopefully that advice will be that she is perfectly perfect and if we give Stella time and the right encouragement, she will be chatting away before too long.

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