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There is a lot of excitement in the Australian blogosphere this week. On Saturday morning, 184 bloggers are meeting at a hotel in Sydney for the first inaugural Australian Bloggers Conference 2011. A reality that began as a dream and with lots of hardwork and enthusiasm, has grown into what will prove to be an amazing function. There are discussions on Twitter, threads on the Aussie Mummy Bloggers forum, emails about how to get there and facebook comments about how many pairs of shoes to take and which would be easier, laptop, ipad or smart phone.


I am attending this conference. I know a number of the attendees in person, many more I know through their wonderful blogs and on twitter. I am excited, but in an abstract way. I did order some business cards which are, hmm, ok I guess. In anticipation of sitting around tables with real bloggers I even made the decision to move my blog from the free blogspot platform to a self-hosted wordpress site and that’s been a brilliant decision. But the truth is I am not really thinking about the reality of being at this conference, normally I would be google mapping up a storm, looking at train timetables, trying on outfits and working out which handbag to take. For some reason I don’t feel able to do this. I think its because I don’t feel like a real blogger. There, I said it out loud. (Or wrote it down at least)


I don’t know what the definition of a blogger is other than someone who blogs. I am someone who blogs. I am someone who has blogged for four and a half years, through moving countries, living with my parents-in-law, buying a home, struggling to get pregnant again, being sick as a dog whilst pregnant and all the other things that make up everyday life. When I started my blog it was a quick way to tell lots of our friends and family what we were up to. But I had always read blogs, for years in fact and so blogging became something more than a diary of events in the White household and more of a way of connecting with people. Sure for a long time I only connected with people I knew in real life, but then cross overs started to happen and I made friends through the internet and then one day I met some of those friends at a playground near a beach in Sydney and suddenly it was all different.


Since then some of those friendships have developed and become very real and valued. I have met other friends and gone to meet-ups and commented on blogs and used my twitter account and then there have been the times where I have agonised over why I am blogging and what my blogging intentions are. This weekend I hope to leave behind those concerns and just reach out to all those other friends who have had the same dilemmas, whose parenting advice and funny stories have made a difference, whose photography skills have inspired and motivated me and who have reached out through the internet to connect with me by commenting on my blog.


So now I am off to choose a handbag and think about which dress to wear for the dinner/dance and to invite myself along to a dinner on the Friday night so I can start meeting these amazing people in real life and connecting with an incredible network of people who are just like me.

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