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Meal Plan Monday – edition 2

After last week’s credit card statement and subsequent child-eating-money fiasco, a few things have to change. Firstly, no more playing with money. Secondly, no more spending money. So Meal Plan Monday is back with a vengeance. I am really pleased to announce that I have not had to do a big grocery shop since last payday. Ultimately I would love to get my meal plans to work fortnightly with a big shop for all food and then a top up for milk, bread and fresh fruit. In order to keep costs down this fortnight, I have been making meals from the freezer and using up as many things in the fridge/freezer/pantry as possible. This week’s meal plan is:

Monday: freezer meatballs in gravy with sweet potatoes, carrots and peas

Tuesday: left over roast chicken risotto with asparagus

Wednesday: enchiladas with freezer mexican mince

Thursday: chicken schnitzel and veg

Friday: I am out so they can have frozen fish and chips!

 I find the easiest way to address our budget is to really focus on where the small cash amounts are going. To stop this Ron and I are going to give ourselves $20 at the beginning of the week for those little items and to put everything else on the card, this means we can track our spending and of course the main idea is to not put anything on the card. Absolutely no using the credit card at all. We don’t have any quarterly bills coming up for a few weeks and we don’t have much going on that will cost extra money so for the next three or four paydays we are hoping to put large amounts in the credit card and in order for this to be possible, I have to sort out the meal plan carefully with an eye to meals that cost less money and food that is cheap and cheerful. Lots of soups, stirfrys and rice based meals coming up in the coming weeks.

Ron’s plan to cycle to work and/or catch the bus is working well, we are going to start tracking our petrol expenditure in the coming weeks too. I can’t believe it cost $70 for 50litres of petrol this evening. Unreal. I remember when we first bought our car, that same tank of petrol cost $54. As a matter of interest, those of you who have a car that you use for the regular family stuff, trips to the shops, preschool drop-offs, the occasional outing, how often do you have to fill up with petrol and how much does it cost you? We fill up once a week/ every ten days depending on how much driving for jobs or bootcamp I am doing.

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