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Grown-up dilemmas

Last week was a hardcore parenting week. Amy is back to throwing massive hissy fits whenever I say no and Stella has decided to traumatise me by ingesting money and burning up with a 40 degree temperatue.

Parenting right now feels like the same battle, different day, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. I have lots of thoughts going round in my head about being a stay-at-home-parent and what that means to ME but I am just too tired to type it all out now so instead, a photo of Stella, drugged up on panadol suppositories and children’s nurofen having a sippy straw and a cup of milk. I subscribe to my Mum’s theory about sick children, when you are ill you are allowed to eat/drink anything you fancy and icy cold milk was lovely for Stella’s poor ravaged throat. Thankfully she is back to her normal temperature today and I am going to bed to get as much asleep as I can before the next week starts.

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