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Wednesday started out a very good day, I dropped a happy and smiling Amy at preschool and was so proud to see her greeted by all her little friends with such joy and excitement. Then I dropped Ron at work and Stella was mumbling away contentedly to herself in the back of the car while Ron and I talked about a few things that have been on my mind lately. I find these morning car journeys a good time for chatting, usually my coffee buzz has kicked in and I am feeling motivated and enthusiastic which wanes as the morning progresses until the late afternoon finds me slumped over a pile of toys, whimpering.

Stella and I went round to a friend’s house for a play and a coffee which turned into an extended play and a drive back to the coffee shop up the road for another coffee, I love that this friend won’t drink instant coffee! Back home Stella went down for a nap and I sat down and decided to do something I have been putting off for ages.

I opened up our banking spreadsheets and logged onto online banking to check our credit card statement. It was horrible, worse than horrible, but I faced up to it, exported files and uploaded spreadsheets and updated data and then sent it all off to Ron, the numbers man to make some sense of why the hell we are haemoraging money like nothing else.

Stella woke up, we had a cuddle, she was playing on the couch next to me, with my wallet which I had been using to check some statements. A few minutes later I scoop her up and deposit her on the change table for a clean nappy, at which point I notice something in her mouth. I lean in, its a coin, I shriek, she dribbles, I sit her up and notice a coin in her hand, I look up, I can’t see the coin in her mouth. I panic and stick my finger in her mouth, no coin.

So, was the coin in her hand the one in her mouth? I grab it, is it wet? No, maybe just sweaty. Oh crap, what now. I call Ron, he doesn’t answer, I panic, I curse Ron. Stella is meanwhile running around the house barebutt naked having a merry old time showing no signs of impending death by coinage. I call my Dr who tells me not to panic and to make sure I sift through her poo for the next two days, if there is no coin, an xray to rule it out.

Yes, I have been up close and personal with Stella’s poo since then, no, it wasn’t pleasant. I may use cloth nappies but poo gets tipped down the loo or flushed in flushable liners without any fuss. No coin. Sigh. Then Stella wakes up at 4.30am this morning wheezing like a pair of old bellows. Welcome back upper-respiritory-infection. So off to the Dr we go, illness is viral, rest, fluids and nurofen but we do need an xray.

Thankfully the Imaging centre was very compassionate at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. The waiting room full of patients was less so. We were ushered straight through to an xray room where I stripped an inquisitive Stella down, put on the heavy lead apron and held her arms above her head. She smiled up at me, fascinated with the whole process, not a squeak of protest. The technician had a quick look and gave us the all clear so we went across the road for a celebratory ice-cream and then came back to pick up the films. This is the inside of Stella, no coins to be seen and as a witty friend said on Facebook, at least now we have proof she has a heart so we can remind her of this when she turns 13!

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