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Thank you

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. Your input has confirmed what I think I already knew, in a situation like this where there are so many possible variables and outcomes, the best place to start is with those things that can be eliminated. Testing Stella’s hearing will either give us a starting point to move from, or rule out hearing as a factor in her possible speech delay. So, next week I will take her for her full audiology workup and then I will start phoning around the various speech pathologists that have been suggested by kind friends.

Thank you, that is what this blog means to me, the contribution of kind strangers, old friends and new friends, people who know me and people who don’t. Isn’t the internet awesome?

(I know you have seen this photo of Stella before, but its an accurate portrayal of how Stella feels a lot of the time at the moment. Terrible two’s – here we come!)

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