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Still talking food. Please tell me friends, how do you get your children to eat an adventurous and varied diet? Seriously. How often do you cook mushrooms? I don’t like raw mushrooms but I love cooked mushrooms, but even so, no mushrooms on my meal plan for the last few months. So why am I suprised that Amy declares she doesn’t like mushrooms?

Ron and I watched a show on tv last night called con.viction kitchen, a reality tv show based here in Aus where a chef who is an ex-con himself, recruits 11 ex-cons and one dude fresh out of jail and has two weeks to train them up to work in the kitchen and front of house in an instant restaurant. This episode had the new trainee chefs in the kitchen for the first time, tasting and trying to identify various foods. It was quite fascinating to realise that this really was the first time that most of these people had ever smelt basil or tasted camembert cheese, ever in their lives.

Now apparently it can take 15 or more tastes of a food before a child can really tell whether they like it or not, or it becomes familiar enough for them to taste it again willingly. I would not describe Amy as a picky eater but she has been known to be quite opinionated about what she likes and doesn’t like. Apparently she doesn’t like tomatos which I find strange because she never eats them. She also doesn’t like grapes which is bizarre because she has loved them for years. She won’t eat cereal with milk on it anymore, and weetbix hasn’t touched her lips in months even though she used to hoover up two or three every morning.

Despite that there are lots of foods that Amy will eat and she has even declared that she will try new food every week, in return for a sticker on her reward sheet. I would love to know how you are turning your children into healthy, happy little eaters? Tips please…

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