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Monday Meal Plan.

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was inspired to blog about one of the surprise benefits of being a parent instead! I have been meal planning for over a year now and still love planning out meals and going through my little red moleskin diary to see what we have eaten in the last few weeks and jotting down ideas for meals to make in the coming weeks.

For the last five weeks I have been doing an exercise bootcamp on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It starts at 6.30pm so its been a bit of a rush to get Ron home and dinner organised and myself changed and into the car by 5.45pm to get there in time. As a result I have planned meals that are super easy and quick to prepare or else something that Ron makes. Looking back these meals have mostly been oven fish & chips with peas, pasta of some form or another with garlic bread or fried rice or stirfry of some kind.

I am going to introduce a regular Meal Plan Monday on the blog where I write about meals for that week, post some simple recipes and ask for suggestions when I am bored! Here are some of the meals I have made this year in case you are interested:

Sesame Chicken salad

Spaghetti bolognaise (girls)

Chicken Caesar salad

Mexican Mince enchiladas (girls)

Mexican mince quesadillas (girls)

Vegetable stirfry with noodles (girls)

Butternut squash soup (girls)

Mexican mince tacos

Cauliflower and chorizo soup (Stella)

Thai green chicken curry with rice (girls)

Oven fish & chips with peas (girls)

Chicken schnitzel & salad (girls)

Pork and citrus stirfry with rice (girls)

Chinese style fried rice (girls)

BBQ marinated steak and salad (girls)

Thai butternut soup (Stella)

Spinach, feta and roasted butternut salad with pine nuts

Sausages and mash with veg (girls)

Lamb chops with potatoes and salad (girls)

Asian noodle salad with panfried duck breast

Roast chicken and trimmings (girls)

Left over roast chicken risotto (girls)

In brackets are the meals the girls will eat at least some version of. For example, the citrus pork stirfry is quite spicy and Ron and I like it this way so I make a small portion that isn’t marinaded with the chilli and just simply stirfry and serve over rice for the girls. Mind you, that’s no guarantee they will eat it. Stella is adventurous and will try anything, Amy will try it if you bribe her with a sticker on her reward chart but she won’t eat it if she doesn’t like it. We try and eat together as a family up at the big table at least three times a week and this means that Amy sets the table with placemats and cutlery, Stella rearranges the settings which upsets Amy and either Ron or I sit between the girls to encourage them to focus on their meal and their manners rather than poking each other in the eye with a knife! I love that we can sit down together over dinner and chat. Amy enjoys the responsibility of setting the table and Stella will help me put the plates and cutlery in the dishwasher after. It also means the girls have to try everything on their plates and make a good effort at finishing their meal if they want something for dessert. Puddings are not a regular thing at the White House, the girls have a small bowl of ice-cream once or twice a week or some jelly or tinned fruit but Ron and I don’t really eat a lot of dessert so its just part of our routine.

Recently I have done my first internet shop because I know I am going to be home on a Thursday morning looking after a friend’s little boy. It means I can plan my meals with even more attention to detail, like lunches and baking and snacks and lunchboxes. I am finding my bill for internet shopping is definitely less than my weekly shop although, I am also finding that I occasionally have to stop in at the supermarket to pick up something I have forgotten.

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