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Parenting – added bonus

There are many things about parenting that I didn’t anticipate, the fact that child vomit and wee and poo is not nearly as retch-inducing as I thought it would be, the fact that sleep is something a person can actually manage without and that even though my life is more different that I had capacity to imagine, it also feels more right on every level.

There are positive side-effects to parenting,  I have two lovely girls that make me smile frequently with their relationship with each other and the people around them. Parenting has helped me love myself more and value who I am as a person and now as a mother. Parenting has been a good weight loss program for me in the long run, I don’t have the time to be as lazy as I used to be and food has finally become something nutricious I use to fuel my body and the bodies of my family. But one of the most suprising and best added bonuses about parenting, for me, has been all the new relationships I have developed as a result of having children.

Ron and I were lucky to have a wonderful group of friends already set up and living here in Sydney when we moved from the UK with Amy as a six month old. Our friends had homes and gardens and trampolines and swimming pools, they also had children the same age as Amy and so our grown-up friendships changed and adapted but became stronger. That was fortunate, I know its not always that easy to move countries and I was happy to discover people I didn’t know that well could become close friends a lot quicker with the addition of children.

Its the really random friendships that I feel very blessed to have. Next door neighbours became great friends even when they moved away, the kind woman at the dance class who included me in conversations is now a dear friend who is full of sage advice and life experience and has kindly shared her circle of school mum friends so that I have a fantastic insight into the school were are planning to send Amy to. Just this weekend we went to the birthday party of this lovely friend’s youngest daughter who will be in Amy’s class at school next year. I had a catch up chat with another new friend who told me she has a uniform list for me and is happy to pick up bits and pieces for me from the second hand shop over the next few months to save me the cost of getting it all in one go.

Its been quite a revelation to meet these interesting woman and to develop friendships that go beyond the casual chat outside dance class or in the preschool pick up rush. I am surrounded by so many fascinating Mums who live their lives very differently to ours but yet we have so much in common. Maybe its because there is no learned history between us that there is no judgement or preconceived notions about who we are or where we have come from. Maybe its just that I am really lucky to have met the right women at the right time and been able to cultivate these friendships. All I know is that I really am very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends, both old and new.

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