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The Super Whites
Stella and I.

(waiting patiently.)

This year we have a proper routine. Last year we had a routine, if you know us then you know that we have ALWAYS had a routine! But this year is the first time I feel a sense of consistency and pattern in our day-to-day lives. A combination of playgroups and swimming lessons and shared childcare and preschool days means that our weeks are mapped out and regimented and planned for. I still can’t seem to get my act together all the time, but mostly I am organised and sorted ahead of time and everyone gets to where they need to be, at the right time with the right stuff.

Mondays are playgroup mornings, Stella falls asleep in the car on the way home and transfers into her cot for another hour. Amy and I might do some craft or get dinner sorted but more often than not Amy will watch a dvd while I check my email and read blogs! Tuesdays are Amy’s new day at preschool, she was a little nervous when she turned up for her first preschool day this year and realised that not only were there new Bees to get to know but also a whole lot of new Butterflies that she wouldn’t have known last year because they went on different days to her. But she soon settled in and thats a story for another blog post.

Stella and I still go to playgroup on a Tuesday and in the afternoon we have an arrangement with a friend where we share childcare, she takes care of Stella for a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon and I look after her little boy Ethan on Thursday mornings. Wednesdays are a day off, usually spent catching up with friends or catching up on laundry! Thursday mornings Ethan arrives at 7.15 am and gets picked up at 2.30pm. What happens inbetween those hours is anyone’s guess! It usually involves lots of toys, snacks, cuddles, stories and at some point, some sleeping, hopefully on behalf of both children! Thursday afternoon I fetch Amy from preschool and we head off to her dance class where I spend 45 minutes trying to prevent Stella from escaping onto the road.

Friday mornings we are up and out the house before 8.30am to get to swimming lessons (another blog post about that coming up!) and then we meet friends for morning tea or go shopping or slop around at home. Thanks to a six week bootcamp I have been doing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I have taken to calling Ron on a Friday afternoon and begging him to come home early and relieve me of my duties so I can crawl towards the fridge and dose myself with medicinal wine before limping to bed in a pile of aching muscles and exhaustion!

Today was a rare moment of peacefulness in an ocean of activities and instead of staying home on the couch, I took Stella off for a mini-photoshoot at a location I was thinking about using this Friday. I bribed her with the offer of a coffee afterwards and it was just a wonderful few hours spent with my sweet Stella.

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