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Starting again

My Mum has been asking me to update her portraits of my girls. I wish I could explain to you how hard it is to get a decent photograph of my children! Its not as easy as just grabbing my camera when I see the opportunity, if I want to get a selection of photos I need to treat it like a professional job so yesterday I had great plans for a location shoot on our way home from an afternoon adventure.

About ten minutes before we get to the park, all hell breaks loose! Amy is weeping and kicking the back of my seat and Stella has chucked her dummy and is shrieking at the top of her voice. I smile wryly at Ron, best we postpone then.

Luckily everyone cheered up after we got home and Ron suggested bathtime under the sprinkler! I am going to have a go putting up a gallery of the images tomorrow, in the meantime, who is this pensive, wistful, ethereal girl?

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