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The big launch

Welcome all! This is what I have been working on feverishly in my spare time. I finally took the plunge and thanks to lots of good advice, successfully purchased my own domain, installed wordpress and copied over all my old blogspot posts. Then I had to go through every single post, all 837 of them and update them into the applicable categories (see the drop down menu on the right?) and tags (see the tagcloud there on the right?) It was a long, labourious job but so worthwhile. One of my biggest complaints about my old blog was how hard it was to find anything. Now everything is beautifully archived and if anyone is interested in looking back over the history of the Super Whites, its all there, neatly catalogued!

I really enjoyed looking back over all my old posts, it reminded me of how much I love blogging and what a part of my life it has become. It also showed me that it doesn’t have to be a drag or an obligation, instead it can be a great way to record the little bits of our lives which so often get forgotten in the bigger picture. I still really want to remember all these memories and so I am going to get back to blogging about the things that matter the most to me, my children, my husband, my life.

Update your feedreaders, make a note in your web browsers, have a go at commenting so you know you can and let me know what you think. The template will be a work in progress for a while as I concentrate on the content but if there is anything that looks broken or needs changing, please let me know. I hope I can bring my blog back to life at its new home here at


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