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This blog needs an overhaul. I have loads to post and lots to write about but can’t summon the enthusiasm. I think its time for a change, what do you say? New blog, new domain name, new hosting platform? Do I have the energy to change it all?

Not sure. I am so damn hot I can’t think about anything right now. Its the 7th day in a row that the temperature has been above 30 degrees, 5th day in a row that its been above 35 degrees. Its hot. Our airconditioner has been running all day and most of the night for a week now and I am starting to stress big time about the electricity bill.

So, I have a long post in draft about our camping trip last weekend, lots of photos to edit which is taking me some time because I have had to move my “office” out into the living room as our bedroom is a sauna.

In the meantime, here are some photos from a spur of the moment trip to the zoo yesterday. I bought half price annual passes at Christmas for Amy and myself, Stella is still free. We have been using a reward chart with Amy again since the beginning of the year. She has to get ten stickers in a row for good behaviour and then she gets a big reward, first one was a trip to the zoo, the second one is a trip to the Aquatic centre to have a play on the waterslides and the third one is a trip back to the zoo to see the seal show. She is really excited about the opportunity to be rewarded for good behaviour and often comes up with suggestions of her own to earn a sticker. More about that another time.

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