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Moving my blog

Right, so in case you didn’t know, I am going to be an attendee at the inaugural Australian Bloggers Conference which is happening here in Sydney next month. Its an incredibly exciting event and hopefully the start of great things in the world of blogging here in Australia.

Its also been a source of some confusion for me, you see I never set out to become a “blogger”. I just wanted an easy way to share photos and stories of my baby girl when we left the UK over four years ago. But then slowly blogging became a lot more than just an online diary and I started to make friends.

I am still fairly incognito in the blogging world, I don’t comment that much and when I do, I don’t usually leave my website details. Its a kind of shyness as well as a sense of self-preservation. My blog has been a place for me to write about my children, my family, my private life – all directed at close friends and family, not internet strangers. But there comes a time when some of those internet strangers became friends and now the lines are blurred.

So, in thinking about the conference and meeting so many other bloggers, some of whom I follow and comment on, some of whom I know in real life, some of whom I idolise and can’t wait to meet, I think its time for a change. I would like to be able to proudly share my blog name and website address and be happy passing out my contact information without having to go into an awkward explanation of why I don’t advertise myself, or join in blog carnivals, or count stats and subscribers.

To cut to the chase, I am going to move my blogger blog over to self-hosted wordpress blog and I need your advice. I know that some of you who read here have done this and I would love some advice and suggestions about how to proceed. I am not afraid of the move, I mean I set up and manage my photography business website on wordpress and that wasn’t too complicated but some of my more specific questions are:

  1. I already have a user name and log on for dreamhost where I host my business website, should I just add another domain hosting package and free domain registration there to make managing both my personal and business site easier?
  2. what domain name should I go with and should I use www or not?
  3. where should I host my photographs going forward for using in my wordpress blog? Currently every photo I have ever uploaded to my blogger blog are stored on picasa, do I need to use flickr or not?
  4. what theme should I pick, there are so many that I just can’t make a decision, should I purchase one or just start off using the free themes offered?

And thats just for starters. So, if anyone is willing to help and offer some suggestions, I would be most grateful!

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6 Responses to Moving my blog

  1. Veronica says:

    Okay, I'd just add another domain/etc to your current host. All my domains that I manage are on one host, it's easier, for me.

    The www is not a big deal, by default most regular websites will work with or without them, it seems to be the blogspot blogs that break if you forget the www in the address. I prefer to not use it myself, because it makes writing my domain name longer.

    If you used fantastico, or simple scripts or whatever to add the wordpress software, they normally give a choice of whether you want to use the www or not.

    I upload most of my photos to my actual host – but then my host has unlimited file storage for files associated with your website. Your host might not. I like flickr and find it relatively simple to use, also because they're so big, they rarely have downtime, or slow loads, so they don't slow things down much.

    Themes are hard, I used free themes for years and didn't mind them at all, but recently bought thesis and made the switch. I love thesis and it's ease of use, but would like to learn to do more with it, so SN doesn't look quite as 'out of the box'. It's all about personal choice really.

  2. Fe says:

    If it's a wordpress blog, you should be able to just upload your photos to the site… no need to store them on Picasa or Flickr.

    Also, it should be able to transfer everything from your .blogspot site.

    Keep it separate from your business site… you can use Dreamhost still, but make sure it's a different hosting package.

    Use a free wordpress template.. there are heaps of great ones!! I use Tarski.. which I love 😉

    I'm happy to help you set it up… bring your lappy over here and we'll fix it, along with the world


  3. Fe says:

    Oh… one more thing… can you get, or Or those with

  4. Thrifted Treasure says:

    Hi, I have to admit I've been totally lazy and used pretty much the same header and template since I've started just cos it's easy. I always think it's nice if people have a nice header relating to what their blog is about, the one you have is lovely so maybe you could still use that. I was thinking of going to that blogger conference but got the impression it was more for mum/parenting related blogs than hobby blogs like mine.

  5. Aspiring Millionaire says:

    I'm going to the conference too and want to redo my blog. I don't have any advice, but like the advice you got in your comments!

    I was just checking out the list of attendees and came across yours.

    If you can keep the name The Super Whites it would make it easier for your followers.


  6. Thrifted Treasure says:

    PS I was just wondering if you could tell me what camera you use? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Nikon D40x and your photos are beautiful (I know that's down to talent not the camera but I need all the help I can get 😉

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