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Happy Anniversary!
Today Ron and I are celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary. Ron suprised me with beautiful flowers and this evening we cooked a delicious rib eye steak and served it with a fresh spinach salad with sundried tomatos, red onion, pine nuts and feta cheese. Just when I thought that was it, he brought out another gift, a complete desk set of beautiful accessories for my new workspace in the bedroom, a letter holder, note pad, docking station for my mobile and cameras and a pen holder. Apparently on the modern anniversary gift guide, desk sets are the thing for seven years of marriage.
I am very lucky to be married to someone whom I love and enjoy spending time with, Ron and I argue less, love more and enjoy each other’s company more each year we are married. He is a wondeful dad to our girls and a fantastic, engaged and fun husband. I couldn’t be more lucky!

The wedding story.

January 2007. The first in Australia and our third wedding anniversary.

The engagement story and our 4th anniversary January 2008.

Anniversary January 2009.

What happened last year? Did we forget our anniversary? I can’t remember, my brain hurts.

Happy 7th Anniversary babe, may there be many more. Love you xx S

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