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What a difference a year makes

Do you remember this day last year? When my little girl went off to preschool for the first time? I do. I can’t believe a whole year has past.

Amy has been looking forward to returning to preschool. Its been a strange transition for her, just last week we saw two of her friends who are both going to big school this year so Amy has been asking why she isn’t going too. Its a difficult question to answer and the short version is that due to very relaxed regulations about when a child can start school in Australia, Amy would be 18 months younger than the oldest child in her class if she started school this year. Our divine preschool runs a two year programme so Amy going back this year is uncomplicated and Ron and I are both happy with our decision.

What amazes me about the photo above is the difference in Stella. Obviously. Last year she was a baby, and now she is a toddler, full of personality and on the go from 5.30am until she falls asleep at 7pm. Amy is the same personality just taller, more confident, my beautiful big girl and she ran into preschool this morning, eager to find her new locker and to say hello to her teachers. She was a little nervous because today is a new day for her so she was worried she might not know the other children but within minutes some of her friends from last year arrived and she was off playing. I had to go and find her to give her a kiss goodbye and that was it, not even a backward glance. This time I drove away with a light heart, still feeling emotional about another milestone, but happy.

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