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Camping at the beach
This is a photo catch up post about our recent camping trip to Narrabeen with Ron’s parents.

 Ron and his Dad taking the girls for a spin around the lagoon in the new blow up boat.

 Sheltering in the shade of a tent, reading, in my pjs at about 10am. Heavenly.

 Our camping set up. Ron’s parent’s tent to the left, the green stripes on the right are the communal pergola tents, two of them joined together. Our tent is in the background with Amy’s bike parked outside, just behind our tent is the smaller tent that Ron had to sleep in, there is only enough room for one double air mattress and Stella’s portacot. We are really hoping to upgrade our tent this year if our finances will let us.

 Blowing bubbles.

 A little prawn appetiser at cocktail hour. I make Ron peel my prawns, I don’t do prawn peels!

 Amy taking Stella for a ride on one of their new boogie boards.

 Stella, our water baby, she loves the water so much. Incredible.

 Happiest when in the water.

 Blowing water bubbles.


 Adrenalin junkie.

 You can just see the tops of tents in the background of this photo, that is the campsite, our actual site was another 200m up the road. So close. The lagoon goes under a bridge on the right and then out to see, the beach proper is quite a long walk as you have to walk across the bridge and then left onto the beach and the flags are a long way down. We walked down the left side of the lagoon to the beautiful ocean pool for a swim a couple of times.

 Camping bath!

 Amy and Ron after some night fishing. Amy had lots of firsts this holiday, first time riding her proper bike in a camp site, first time riding on her own with a friend, first time going to the shower block on her own with a friend, first game of cards, rummy, first time night fishing. She had a blast.

Stella having some lunch and watching a dvd in the shade. She was a star, spent most of the holiday wet and when it was time for a nap or to go to bed she would wave goodbye and pop into her cot, roll over and go straight to sleep.

It was actually lots of fun despite my reservations about the weather and our lack of equipment. I really am looking forward to more camping trips with a bigger tent, some camping shelves to keep things organised and a bit more room to relax.

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