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White Family Christmas – 2010
We spent Christmas Eve with close friends, celebrating with each other because our families are a long way away. It was a lovely afternoon and evening. We went to church at 3pm complete with camels and Mary rode into the church on a donkey and somehow they managed to twin Buzz Lightyear and Woody with the story of the nativity! After we went back to the house and the children opened presents while the parents  drank champagne.

 Amy and Stella were spoiled by Sally who had found an old dollshouse in an antique shop, brought it home, sanded and repainted it and decorated it for the girls. There was much excitement!

 Dinner as a drawn out affair, smoked salmon starters followed by a baked brie with red wine and garlic and herbs. Then onto mains, beautiful salads and cold glazed ham with mashed potatoes and green beans.

 Dessert was a four stack chocolate cake served with an ice-cream slice and was enjoyed by young and old but especially by Stella!

We drove home later that night, the girls were awake for about ten minutes looking out for Christmas lights and then they were both fast asleep, transferred into bed at home while Ron and I put the finishing touches on Christmas.
 Christmas morning and the girls woke us up at 7.22am which is the best Christmas gift Ron and I could have asked for! There have been a lot of 5am wake-ups in this house recently!
 The girls were wonderful, patient and excited and full of such joy. Amy was thrilled with her barbie dolls and books and Stella was so excited to get lots of Dora presents.

 After Church we went to Ron’s parents for Christmas lunch. A laid back sea-food lunch served in the garden. Lots of delicious food and wine followed by dessert which was once again appreciated by Stella!

 And Amy!
Later I had a snooze on a rug while the girls played with their new Christmas toys and then we said goodnight to our girls who stayed at Grandma and Grandad’s and Ron and I went round to friends for our Christmas night tradition. Another friend with family far away. We ate homemade scotch eggs, drank too much and played cards outside in the warm evening air until 2am.
A wonderful Christmas, full of love and friends and food and family. I hope you all had a special Christmas too!
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