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Preschool Christmas presents

This was my first year of gifts for teachers at Amy’s preschool. I didn’t feel like buying chocolates or wine or soap so I decided to make something. One of my favourite gifts to make is small make-up bags or pencil cases made from homemade quilted material. So easy, quite time consuming but I love it. Choose a material, buy a metre of it (by 90cms) choose a corresponding colour that matches for the inside, buy zips and bias binding in a complimentary colour and thread and get started. This time the quilting nearly defeated me, trying to quilt freehand two pieces of material with batting in between was too much for me and my machine and halfway through I gave up and cut the huge thing into quarters which was much more manageable.

Once the material is quilted, don’t stress about the imperfections and where the lines don’t match, thats what makes it handmade with love. Size up the zips, I had two long 25cm and two small, I think 10cms. This next bit is tricky, I learnt from my Mum and now its just instinctive, pin in the zips, sew in, then iron the bias binding open on one side and pin over the seam, machine sew these on and then handsew the other side. This is my favourite bit, I love hand sewing, there is something so relaxing for me in just making hundreds of tiny stiches all perfectly in line, I think it fits in with my personality.

These took me a few nights to complete, maybe two nights of quilting, two nights of cutting and maching sewing and two nights of handsewing to make two smaller make-up bags and two larger pencil cases. I sewed in my custom labels that I bought before I left London. They saw “an original by Wallabok designs” Wallabok was our nickname for Amy before she was born because she was a little bit Australian and a little bit South African.

I hope the preschool teachers liked their gifts, I really hope they did and don’t think they are naff and embarrassing. I just enjoy making things where possible, hence the reason why I am still making Christmas presents tonight, the night before Christmas Eve!

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