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My precious…

Just checking in to say that today I dropped off my precious laptop to be fixed. I am hoping its not complicated and that they will call me early next week because of course the moment I tried to start up the clunking old pc in my bedroom, I got the blue screen of death. I am cursed when it comes to electical equipment!

I am looking forward to a weekend offline, Ron and I are going to Mudgee for the night for a friend’s 40th, the girls are staying with Grandma and Grandad, I can’t wait…. we love road trips, quiet time, just us, no ferals in the back to throw cheerios at. A lovely little B&B, a new dress, a night out with adults and a luxurious lie in on Sunday followed by some light wine tasting on our way back to town.

On our way up we are stopping to drop off some STUNNING photographs with a client who is also a friend, I can’t wait to show her these photos in person, seriously… I will be posting about them on Sarah White Images early next week.

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here! Our tiny tree is dwarfed by the pile of presents under it, Amy is super excited and Stella has said her first word other than Mama or Dada….. she says Dora. Her next favourite thing. I have a feeling she is going to be very pleased with her Christmas presents this year.

Oh, and we had our annual White family Santa photo done but I left it on the laptop. Doh. Will get it off my external drive and update you all as soon as because I am sure you are desperate to see right!

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