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Milestones – proud parents

Today was a very special day. Amy performed in her first ever dance concert. She did two dances in her group of girls and boys aged 3-5 and she was a star!

It was an emotional milestone for me, this morning I had to do her hair up in pony tails with curls and the smell of the hairspray brought back some intense memories of my Mum doing the same for me when I was a little girl.

Amy was excited, a little nervous but very pleased to have her own plastic storage box with all her accessories inside and her name taped on top.

I had butterflies in my tummy as I put make-up on her beautiful skin for the first time and curled her eyelashes.

It was a strange experience, the tiny baby she once was mirrored in her face which suddenly looked so grown up in shimmering eye-shadow and pink cheeks.

I felt hugely proud but also strangely sad. This is only the first in a whole childhood’s worth of concerts and games and grand finals and so it feels like a beginning. But its also an ending.

Amy is independant and brave and confident and secure and happy, all things that I am immensely grateful she feels and also proud that together Ron and I have been able to instill these characteristics in her but what it really means is she doesn’t need me in the same way anymore.

If she needs the toilet, she asks someone where it is. If I am not around to tie the red bows in her hair, she finds another adult who can do it for her. She is growing up so quickly and I couldn’t be more proud.

I sat in the dark auditorium and felt a bit overwhelmed that we are here at this point already, how did we get here so quickly?

And where to next? Amy was awarded her trophy for participation just like all the other children in her class and all our friends sitting around us cheered loudly for each other’s children and I did laugh and cry a little when she collected her trophy which she hasn’t put down since.

Back home this afternoon we are all tired, it was a big day so we are having toast and strawberry milkshakes for dinner and going to have an early night. I will use some of my makeup remover to take off the last remnants of shimmer eye shadow and kiss my little girl and hold her tight before she falls asleep tonight, probably with her trophy in bed right next to her!

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