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I have said it before, I’ll say it again
(portrait by Amy)

I am finding it hard to find the time to blog, which makes me sad. I am focusing what little spare time I have on the business right now, hoping that it will be ready to relaunch in the new year as a fully functioning, full priced business. My immediate problem is that my laptop is not coping and neither are my work space arrangements. At the moment my bum and the couch are melded together most nights from about 8pm until I stagger off to bed as I edit, update, plan and scheme how to manage this business without it impacting on my family. I think I was dreaming to believe I could do both the justice they deserve and as much as I adore Sarah White Images and love what it has given me, I have to get the balance right otherwise I will come to despise that which brings me such pleasure right now.

So I am writing business plans, dreaming up a gorgeous desk area in our bedroom, working out pricing for a new desktop and talking to other Mums with businesses trying to figure out some reciprocal childcare arrangements for next year when Amy is at preschool three days a week. If I could carve out some childfree hours on those days I could accomplish so much and then hopefully I wouldn’t get myself into the situation where I am pushing Stella away from the laptop and bribing her with lollies just so I can get another 10 photographs edited.

I am still so happy however. I just love, love, love taking photographs of children and now that I have 5 paid professional jobs and numerous other photosessions under my belt, I have the confidence that I lacked that was holding me back for so long. I no longer lie awake the night before a job worrying about whether I will get the shots or not, panicking about getting something basic wrong or making a terrible, embarrassing mistake that I have to explain to the client. Don’t get me wrong, I have made plenty of mistakes and had to own up many times to only being a beginner at this whole business thing. Thankfully I have had some wonderful clients who have trusted me implicitly and who say they are all thrilled with their photographs. Every time I hear that I feel like I grow a little in stature as a photographer. I am also so, so, so lucky to have a wonderful photography mentor who has guided me and helped me more than she can imagine! THANK YOU!

So, while I try and find my feet and figure out that balance between work and family and squeeze an extra few hours into my day while wringing as much as I can from my time with the girls and Ron, well, I will try and update the blog as much as possible but I am not going to sweat it. Quality over quantity right? Something like that. I still think a resdesign and a move to my own domain will provide me with some inspiration so thats on my to-do list for the New Year! In the meantime I am throwing myself headfirst into the Christmas season starting by getting our Christmas tree up tomorrow, carols on the weekend, three Christmas dinners to plan… lots to look forward to.

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