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The Super Whites
The first in a series of posts

I have a bunch of random photos from my point-and-shoot camera that I will be posting over the next few days. First a selection of vaguely related photos. Above is a sight that makes me very depressed, amazingly I don’t often let the kitchen get into this state, I have discovered the key for a lazy person is to be hugely organised, that means more time for being lazy and less time cleaning up!

 Some delicious pies we made for lunch one day when we were a little bored and cooped up at home due to the incessant rain. Sheets of puff pastry with savoury or sweet fillings. Above are peach halves with a little brown sugar sprinkled on top, below are grated cheese and ham. Delicious!

 Frugal Sarah buys coffee in 1kg bags of beans and then grinds them. The lesson I learnt from this particular batch? Although I like strong coffee, we don’t like dark roast beans. Now I have 900g of dark roast ground coffee which I don’t like drinking. Coffee cake anyone?
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