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Its Ron’s birthday this weekend and we are going to go away for the night, just us four. Ron’s uncle has a caravan down the coast in a lovely, secluded beachside town. I am looking forward to playing on the beach with the girls and sharing a bottle or two of red wine with Ron while we play some cards. Its been ages since we have had some time together like this as a family. We need it. Ron and I are going to take a couple of parenting books we have along with us and do some research. In all honestly, we are having a hard time of parenting at the moment.

Amy is at times brilliant and then frustrating, she is at that strange stage where she is just learning and developing everyday, unpredictable and hard to read. She and I are getting along famously but Ron is struggling to cope with her streak of independance. He needs some guidelines on how to connect with her and parent more effectively.

Stella is the real problem right now. Wow, this child has personality coming out of her in quantities. She is seriously hard work at this stage, still not talking, mostly grunting and whining and doing a lot of throwing herself backwards into the limp noodle and bruising various bits of her head. We are going to have to work out some very consistent and clear guidelines for this child, anyone have any advice for this Cancerian Mum of a Taurus baby girl?

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