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I know I already posted this over at my Photography business website but I couldn’t resist putting it here too. This photo is growing on me. I think I was just too irritated with my muse after I took the photo to truly appreciate it! Sheesh but Amy annoys me, everytime I turn my camera on her she contorts her face, flaps her arms around and whines that she needs to do a wee! EVERYTIME! Its impossible to get a good photo. Sigh. We have reached a little turning point however, at last week’s photography workshop (blog post to follow on by sheer coincidence, the child we were shooting for our afternoon shoot turned out to be Amy’s best friend from preschool! So I have a bunch of lovely photos of her and I showed Amy and asked her if she would like to pose like her friend did for me and she was very excited about the idea.

So, its Saturday night and the girls are finishing up their dinner. I am downloading some photos that I just took of a friend and her extended family, its her Dad’s 65th birthday and they wanted to remember the occasion with some photos. Its wonderful to be able to do these kinds of things for friends. I remember back in the old days in I would turn up at friend’s with a bottle of cava, a litre of fresh orange juice, a baguette and a wheel of brie. Payday meant sharing the spoils of my banker’s salary with my poorer friends who were working in media. Now I don’t have the luxury of cash to splash so its fun to finally be able to give something back.

We have been doing lots of work in the garden this Spring. Today brought a fantastic midafternoon thunder storm and loads of rain, the air feels fresh after the heat of the morning. I think its going to be a hot summer and part of me is super excited but I know the reality is going to be different so I am going to enjoy the milder spring days for as long as they last.

In other news I took the girls to their first swimming lessons of the season yesterday. I have been planning on doing a course of lessons for them both when the weather warmed up and we all got well again and finally got around to going up to a swimming school that a friend has recommended. I struggled to choose which class Amy should go into and in the end the teacher made the decision for me based on the fact that there was a Mums and toddlers class on at the same time for Stella and me. When I told Amy she was at first excited and then nervous about putting her face in the water. The class was for preschool children already comfortable and familiar with the water. It could go either way. I bought her a bright pink swimming cap to get her in the mood and told her not to worry, all she had to do was have a go.

Well I am happy to report that Amy was a star, she was clearly below the level of the other two children in her class but she gamely did everything the instructor told her to do and I watched her sink and splutter her way across the pool and still come up smiling. I felt very proud. Like any parent I knew it could go either way, she could have been game to have another go or she could have been overwhelmed and wanted nothing more to do with it! The suprise of the morning was that Stella who I thought was going to love it, bellowed the whole way through our class! She wasn’t crying exactly, but she also wasn’t laughing with joy. Still, she did all that was expected of her, went happily to the instructor and walked over the floating thing and even blew bubbles and went underwater. I know she will be fine, she adores the water.

Friday night we went up to the local food court at the shopping centre up the road for dinner. Ron was going to see a huge stadium production of Ben Hur at the Olympic Park with his parents (I wasn’t too fussed so rather than finding babysitters, I stayed home and drank wine and had a lovely time!) and he needed to catch a bus from near the shops. We had a lovely time, the girls chose happy meals for their dinner and Ron and I had a curry. It was a lovely treat actually, we have been so restricted by budget that we haven’t eaten out in ages and my meal plan has been working so well that I can’t bear to leave food in the fridge and spend more money on eating out. Anyway, so it was a fun break from the routine and the girls had a blast. Home and straight into pjs and into bed for a story.

Stella is going through a funny sleep issue at the moment where she wants someone in the room with her when she goes to sleep or else she gets really angry and stands up and flings her dummys out the cot in disgust. I have tested her and she will do this for 45 minutes or more before finally passing out in a sweaty mess but if I stand over her cot or sit on Amy’s bed for a few minutes, occasionally telling her “shush” then she will fall asleep quiet easily. Its annoying though.

So, thats a recap. I think its time I start writing more and worrying less about peppering each post with photos. If you want photos, head over to Sarah White Images and feast your eyes. If you are here to find out what we are up to, stay tuned.

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