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What a day

After 11 hours of uninterupted sleep last night, I felt ready to take over the world today. So we loaded up the girls, hooked up the trailer and drove over to friends on the Northern Beaches side of Sydney to dig up half their garden.

They have a well establishd tropical garden that they are doing some work in to provide grass space for the boys to play, we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and we scored a trailer load of beautiful spiky palms and feature plants.
First Ron had to dig them out of our friend’s garden, then drive them back home, then dig out the trashy old plants we have been trying to ignore for three years, then dig holes and place the new ones before digging them in, watering them and standing back to admire our brand new garden.
It was a long, hot day of work but so satisfying and a great family day suprisingly. Amy was an enthusiastic helper, digging, trimming and pouring lemonade.
Stella slept for an hour back in the car and then had another hour and a half in her cot. Bliss. Loving my children at the moment!
Ron’s parents stopped by to help and keep an eye on the girls while we finished up and finally, just as the light was fading. A whole new front garden. We love it, if we could have chosen the plants for our garden, this is what we would have chosen, the difference is remarkable.
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